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Free Bitcoin For Your Thought !!!

Bitcoins have a special place in the cryptocurrency and is not without a reason. They are the one which brought the concept of cryptocurrency to the limelight. Earlier, those who are financial experts and geeks are the only persons who know about the value of them. But with the development of the Bitcoin, the fate of the banks and the centralization of the money have been decided. Even the payment for completing online task have been favoring the bitcoins.

Bitcoins, a bank without authority

Bitcoins or any cryptocurrency does all the work as a regular bank. The only difference between them is they don’t need an authority to decide who can have all the money. They are breaking the limits which bring susceptible and criticism all over the world banks.

Bitcoins, a common man’s wallet

When it comes to the question, who are all can use the bitcoin wallet? Or should one be richer or from only a particular country to have access to the bitcoin? The answer is each and every person living in the world can have access to the bitcoins. If you have the skill and capacity, you can own it without a problem.

Bitcoins, the common man’s savior 

It seems like olden days when we have to go in person to take money from the account. With the improvements in technology, it is now easy to pay or take money even from a mobile. But in near future, there won’t be a need for such banks which is taking a lump of the amount from the account holder as this and that tax.

Bitcoin, the merchant’s paradise

Because of the peer to peer payment option the merchants are considering this as the best way of payment. No tax or any hidden fee for paying and receiving the amount.

There are a lot of ways to earn these bitcoins from earning free bitcoin to buy them as a payment for the task completion. They are increasing popularity among the people as the payment will be in multi-currency. They can be bought as hot cash or kept as soft cash in the software wallet.

Once upon a hack

There has been a time when bitcoin usage was at risk. All hail the hacking technology. Thousands and thousands of bitcoins have been hacked from the private wallets. A number of online companies have been gone into bankruptcy. Millions of real-time cash have been lost.

Almost after three years of that incident, the bitcoins have emerged again only a lot more powerful and stronger even in security wise. This again proved that the success of a product is not only in marketing but also in the minds of the public.

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